Short Story Contest winners

Thank you to all the entrants in Gift of Art’s Short Story Contest

We were overwhelmed by the number of people who took the time to share their short story ideas.

The stories were rated by 3 teachers, one reporter and a published poet.

The following are the winners of the various categories.

To read the stories: Click on a category/title below to open the story in a pop-up window.

Category: Child


by K. Ruhl

(Click to read)

Category: Youth

The Cat in the Magic Shop

by Marina McLaren

(Click to read)

Category: Young adult


by Joey Cole

(Click to read)

Category: Adult

Pee-Wee & Gingers Trip to Newcastle

by Beverley Rose Lynn Thomson

(Click to read)

Category: Overall Winner

The Dog Who Ate The Eiffel Tower

by Bill Chambers

(Click to read)

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