Russell Styles

In order to better support our artists, we have enlisted videographer James Dobos to shoot introductory videos which we are posting to the website to help you get better acquainted with the diverse community that makes up A Gift of Art.

Russell Styles

Russell Styles is chef by trade and photography artist by heart.

He’s of English heritage, has seen some of the world and is now living locally, he believes that travel broadens one’s awareness and helps us to appreciate the diversity around us.

He’s as passionate about his photographic art as he is about his mothers lemon meringue pie. His choice of subject matter is eclectic and he will search out a unique angle to convey his own perspective of things, You will often find him looking at the ground around his feet, he likes to photograph the often neglected and sometimes overlooked, he’s constantly ‘chasing the light” and you will rarely find him without an “image taking device’ in his hand.

His photographs have been published in magazines, graced numerous book covers and showcased in Galleries in Canada and the United States. …his sisters got a couple of prints on her living room wall too.

His photographic style is varied and his passion for his art is great. He’s an easy-going, friendly personality who’s just as happy to shoot alone as he to share his views and approach with a group.

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