Bronwyn Gauley

In order to better support our artists, we have enlisted videographer James Dobos to shoot introductory videos which we are posting to the website to help you get better acquainted with the diverse community that makes up A Gift of Art.

Bronwyn Gauley

Bronwyn Gauley is a painter based out of Orono, Ontario. Bronwyn started painting seriously at age fourteen, while living in Brampton, Ontario. By the time they were sixteen, they had begun to work closely with a local gallery, Beaux Arts Brampton. This gave them the opportunity for mentorship by Kelly McNeil, participation in gallery shows and a pathway of stepping-stones to begin their art career.

Bronwyn is currently one of the many artists who are a part of A Gift of Art Gallery in Newcastle, Ontario. Bronwyn is the director of A Gift of Art’s summer art camp, teaches youth lessons, has taken part and won juried exhibitions, displays their work in multiple art shows each year, all while finishing a bachelor of science in forensic science.

Bronwyn takes their inspiration from the natural world, going on long walks to find references for their next piece. Characteristic of Bronwyn’s work; look for saturated colours and fine details, with impressionistic elements. Their artistic influence comes from Kelly McNeil, Robert Bateman, and the post-impressionism masters.

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