Ian Bodnaryk

In order to better support our artists, we have enlisted videographer James Dobos to shoot introductory videos which we are posting to the website to help you get better acquainted with the diverse community that makes up A Gift of Art.

Ian Bodnaryk

Canadian born artist Ian Bodnaryk has been painting with acrylics for almost 25 years. His interests are constantly evolving, though his main focus is the still life genre. His paintings most often feature an everyday item portrayed in an emotionally charged way. Ian’s artwork has been purchased internationally and can be found in several private collections around the world.

 Artist’s Statement
“…  As an artist I have the ability to affect peoples lives in a positive way. I use portraiture, inspired by the natural beauty of a figure, to express a statement regarding cultural, spiritual or social issues. My still life focuses on composition, colour and light, showcasing the beauty found in everyday objects.”


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