Sher Leetooze

In order to better support our artists, we have enlisted videographer James Dobos to shoot introductory videos which we are posting to the website to help you get better acquainted with the diverse community that makes up A Gift of Art.

Sher Leetooze

Sher Leetooze has been writing history books for over 25 years. She started writing about the local townships and spread out to international history when she wrote the trilogy about the Bible Christians. Gardening and plants are her passion, and so she writes about that subject too. But her real love is Genealogy! Her ancestors came from England, Ireland and Scotland, and so Sher has written Source books for each of these places, in order to point researchers in the right direction.

In Sher’s connection with A Gift or Art, she leads “Memoir Writing” classes, and “Creative Writing” classes, helping budding authors to grease the wheels of their creativity.


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