Frog Elvis Pot



Brenda Sullivan

This pottery piece is a frog pot that is inspired by Elvis. This unique pot is painted with a variety of deep green tones. This pottery frog has an interesting texture, the frog’s body has a crackled appearance, to resemble skin and scales. This frog also has a smooth and glossy finish for its eyes. The Elvis inspired frog is holding a microphone along with wearing a white coat. Its collar stands out around the top of the pot, the coat also forms into a white handle at the back. This pottery frog is made in an interesting shape for its intended use. The crown that the Elvis Frog wears is removable, creating an opening for this pot to be filled. The frog has a gap in its mouth which is used as a spout. This Frog Elvis Pot is a great way to add a fun touch that stands out against a dish set or a dining room.

Size: Height 8.5” Width 5” Diameter of opening 1.5”

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