Creative Writing with Sher Leetooze – on Zoom

Sher Leetooze

September 22 – November 24, 2021

Wednesdays. 1:30 – 3:00 pm. 10 week session (on Zoom).

We are all storytellers. Most of us have a story in us just waiting to come out. “But where do I start?” you ask.

How do you take all your thoughts and ideas and make them into an interesting, cohesive and readable story?

Learn how to develop your setting, your plot and your characters with 8 easy lessons!

A creative writing course will set you on the right track! You will get instruction and handouts to take home with you. An outline will be sent a few days prior to each class so that you can be prepared.

Actually, there is no reason your story won’t be a best seller! See you at the course!

Member Cost: $50.00
Non-Member: $55.00

Registration is a two-step process:

1. Fill out and submit the online version of the General Program registration form by clicking the “Register online” button.
2. Pay online using the appropriate “Buy Now” button.

If you would prefer to register offline, please email A Gift of Art or call us at 905-987-2264.

Members cost: $50

Non-Members cost: $55

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