Solo Exhibition: Sujesh Chitty V

A Gift of Art  is hosting a solo exhibition of Sujesh Chitty V work from May 29th to June 23rd.

Book an appointment by calling (905) 987-2264 or email [email protected]

About Sujesh:
Chennai born artist; Sujesh Chitty V brings contemporary reflections of his eastern influences to life through the canvas. The vibrant and expressive nature of his work echoes the ancient artwork and cultures across India he has traveled since childhood. Though he loves escaping to the surreal worlds, he is naturally inclined to express his search for the balance of nature and humanity in his work. Sujesh continues to hone his craft as a Concept Artist at a leading visual effects studio in Toronto, Canada.

Bio link:

Instagram: @Sujeshchittyv

Solo Exhibition: Sujesh Chitty V
Solo Exhibition: Sujesh Chitty V

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