Animal Silhouette Woodburning (Beginner/Intermediate) with Cara Jordan

Animal Silhouette Woodburning

Sunday, March 26, 2023

11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Schedule subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.

In this workshop, you’ll be able to create a wonderful animal portrait while also learning a new skill! Although this class will present the basics of using a woodburning tool, including how to prepare a surface for burning, transfer patterns, safety, and techniques for using the various tips, students will also learn more intermediate techniques, including adding texture, highlights, and shading. You’ll have a choice of patterns or can bring your own 8 by 10 inch animal image. Relax and enjoy the sweet smell of burning wood. You might take home a majestic owl or a beautiful wolf!

You must either bring you own woodburning tool or contact the instructor to borrow one for free for the class (numbers are limited, so this offer is on a first-come, first-served basis). Many people already have woodburning tools, so consider asking friends and family. If you decide to purchase a tool, there are several economical options, in particular the tools offered by Walnut Hollow that can be found in a lot of craft stores and online for prices starting at $20. Feel free to contact the instructor at [email protected] for more info or to borrow a tool for the class.

Member Cost: $55.00
Non Member: $85.00
Supply List and Material Fee: $10.00

Registration is a two-step process:

1. Fill out and submit the online version of the General Program registration form by clicking the “Register online” button.
2. Pay online using the appropriate “Buy Now” button.

If you would prefer to register offline, please email A Gift of Art or call us at 905-987-2264.

Members cost: $55

Supply List and Material Fee is $10

Non-Members cost: $85

Supply List and Material Fee is $10

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