Genealogy for Beginners – ON ZOOM

Genealogy for Beginners

March 10 – April 28, 2022

Thursdays. 1:30 – 3:00 pm. 8 week session (on Zoom).

An 8 week course for those who wish to learn how to research their ancestors in Canada and Britain.

Week 1
Looking at the census – 1841 to 1921 and what each can tell us. Citing your research and sources

Homework – using the charts provided fill in as much as you can using the census and recording your sources

Week 2
Finding where they lived using maps

Finding where they lived using OnLand

Homework – tell us about the land records you found and whether or not they were useful (what else was listed with them?) – copy the entry into your family story

Using maps – scan the area into your family story

Week 3
Societies that can assist – Historical Societies, Genealogical Societies (OGS Branches)

Websites that can assist – Ontario vital Statistics Project, OCFA, McGill Atlas Project

Libraries in your ancestral area(s) – they have both primary and secondary sources

Homework – Did you find any ancestral information on the websites or from Libraries/Societies?

Week 4
Books – Local history books, Genealogical Sourcebooks, Published family histories, books on local architecture, books about Loyalists.

Homework – find at least one book about your ancestral area – tell us how you did it and where you found it.

Week 5
Newspaper archives online

Ancestors down east; Ancestors out west; Ancestors in Quebec

Homework – if you have ancestors out of province – find some information about them and share it with us. If they are all in province, find a newspaper account about them.

Week 6
What archives can offer us

National Archives (WW1 Soldiers),

Provincial Archives (wills) Local Museum Archives

(family files)

Homework – Did you have a WW1 soldier? Did you find a will? Is there a family file at the local

Museum in their ancestral area?

Week 7
Electronic Storage and how to use them

A Review of some of the most popular ones

Homework – Do you currently use a genealogy storage program? Did you check out some of the others? Did you find some better than others? Will you stay with the one you are using or change to another one?

Week 8
Was this course useful? Congrats to all – Certificates of completion to all – please fill in and return the evaluation sheet sent to you today.

Member Cost: $30.00
Non-Members: $45.00

Registration is a two-step process:

1. Fill out and submit the online version of the General Program registration form by clicking the “Register online” button.
2. Pay online using the appropriate “Buy Now” button.

If you would prefer to register offline, please email A Gift of Art or call us at 905-987-2264.

Members cost: $30

Non-Members cost: $45

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