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Nail Polish & Cuticles

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Wood Carving

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Wish you could paint magnificent sunsets? Express an on-going poem idea? Sculpt a beautiful seagull from gnarled driftwood? At A Gift of Art, we have classes which help people discover their hidden talents. Our talented instructors and gifted art volunteers break down the secrets of creating beautiful art so anyone can learn. Let us help you find and develop your inner artist.

At A Gift of Art we have classes for just about anything you’ve ever dreamed about doing, but didn’t know how to do it! Learn more about us

THE LATEST – Donations

A Gift of Art gratefully acknowledges the support of these contributors to the success of our mission to promote, the arts, local artists and their creations.


RONA Newcastle
Municipality of Clarington – Love of Art Gala
Baagwating Community Association
Newcastle Home Decor
Syvan Developments Limited
The Edmond & Sylvia Vanhaverbeke Foundation
Nowick Family


Lindvest Properties Limited
Paul G. Robichaud
Tom Campbell & Mary Mogford
RBC Royal Bank of Canada
G. Peter Harley
Robert Goldberger


Newcastle Village Medical Associates
Florence Taylor
Ed Vanhaverbeke
Daniel Goselin
Gillian Johnston
Royal Service Real Estate
H. Collmorgan
Joseph Neal
Alan Easton
Janice Phillips
Lela Filipovski
Nina Fischer
CIBC Newcastle Branch
Mary D. Darch


Chris Jarman
Ross McMaster
Joanne E Benham
Avril MacDonald
Edward Pankhurst
Wendy Partner
Judy Labanovich
Annette Galbraith
Louise Lalande
Krysten E Joudry
Jane Davis
Lynn Lovekin
B. Ponomareff
Gus Bastas
Helen Simpson
Andrew Peckham
Martin Dobbin
Debbie Dell

A Gift of Art is a not-for-profit organization with charitable status in Canada.


Poetry Reading

We have a poetry reading August 13th at 7pm at A Gift of Art.

Everyone is welcome. We hope to see you there!

Summer Camp



There are still open spaces available for our Kid’s Summer Art Camps in August!



We also offer a variety of services
• Conference room space
• Gift registry and Gift certificates
• Commissions

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187 King Ave E, Newcastle ON L1B 1H4

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Collage Assemblage













Collage Assemblage
Mixed media  2 ft.sq.

Artist - Amanda Fasken


‘Save the Stage Door’

We are thrilled to announce that the goal for our ‘Save the Stage Door’ kickstarter campaign was met successfully! Now we can enhance our theatre arts program! Additional lighting and stage equipment will go a long way to developing future productions. Above all, we strive to open the ‘Stage Door’ to a larger number of participants.

We hope you continue to support Stage Door Productions

stage door productions

Special Thanks To:

  • Dianne Darch
  • Ron Stuart
  • Edward Vanhaverbeke
  • Karen Fischer
  • Mary Mogford & Tom Campbell
  • Jeany Barrett & Doug Hobson
  • Koren & Aubrey Kassirer
  • Theresa Vanhaverbeke
  • Fred J Horvath
  • Newcastle Rona
  • Hans D Collmorgen

The Theatre Participants thank you!

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