Comments like “the stories were so well thought out and written”, “keep writing” and “hope you enter again next year” were made by the judges.

In the Junior category (grades 1-5 & 6-9), congratulations to:

Emily who wrote Journey to the North Pole and Elliot who submitted The Invisible Ringmaster. Emily & Elliot will be receiving Family Day Passes to Jungle Cat World!

In the Adult category, congratulations to:

Rick Lovitt who submitted The Old Man and Leah Murray who submitted Flop House Follies: Merman. Rick & Leah tied for third place and will be splitting the $25.00 prize

Andrea O’Farrell who submitted A Match at A Time Hortons Drive Thru. Andrea won second place and the prize of $50.00

For First place, congratulations to Jennifer Lovitt who submitted The Loser and has won the first prize of $200.00!

We want to say thank you to everyone who entered! The showcase of talent was extraordinary and we encourage everyone to continue writing!

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