Ginkgo Leaf on Cord


Helen Van Poorten

This necklace is made of a cord material that is soft to touch and durable. Giving the jewelry longevity and comfortable wear. On this cord necklace is Ginkgo Leaf. The ginkgo leaf comes from the Maidenhair tree these trees are some of the only remaining species in Ginkgophyta division since all other species are extinct and the maidenhair itself is endangered. The Maidenhair is a gorgeous tree that produces unique fan shaped leaves that turn yellow during autumn. The gingko fan shaped leaves symbolise a long life and endurance, due to their strength ad life span. The Ginkgo Leaf pendant is a light golden brown colour similar to the seasonal colours of the yellow leaves. The pendant is complemented by the soft cord necklace which brown. The colours and meaning of the Ginkgo Leaf on Cord necklace make this piece of jewelry into something beautiful that can be worn comfortably everyday or as a stunning statement.

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