Burst Gourd Bowl


Margret Devries

This decorated bowl is made from gourd. Gourd art is made by using Lagenaria and hard-shell gourds as a wood-like surface. Gourds may be carved, painted, sanded, burned, dyed, and polished. The Burst Gourd is made with a variety of colourful elements that pop! Giving this gourd piece its name; Burst. The bowl has an array of glass beads circling around the top and bottom of the bowl. The inside of this bowl are five beautiful flowers. A large blue flower is the center piece as the colours complement the beads on the outside, as well as adding depth through an inward illusion by this flowers placement. The other four flowers also create a sense of depth as they share the same colours along with being parallel to each other. The intricacy of the inside of the piece is corresponded by the bowls outside showing the gourd aspect. Displaying harmony throughout the artwork.

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