A Gift of Art is proud to announce that Todd Tremeer, watercolourist; David Gillespie, silk screening; Julieta Cortes, watercolourist and Lynne Lyon, Cricut basics, have recently joined our team of art teachers for the sessions starting in February 2020. With many years of experience in the art field they are a terrific addition to the small classes and individual attention offered to our creative students.
They are joining Stephen Snider, acrylics; Adam Wilkinson, drama; Ian Bodnaryk, hyper realism acrylics; Linda Virio, encaustic and watercolour batik; Greg Maude, watercolour; Helen Firing, needle felting; Hans Collmorgen, stained glass; Dianne Darch, pen and ink; Margaret Brackley, alcohol ink; Russell Styles, photography and Peter Martin, Soapstone carving among others.
Details of all classes, schedules, time, dates, class content, cost and materials required may be found on our website. Bios of the teachers are currently being added. It is possible to sign up for classes online at www.agiftof-art.com
A Gift of Art is a registered charity with a mandate to support and promote local artists including by assisting them economically by offering them teaching positions and selling their works.
For more information
Phone:  905-987-2264 or email: gallery@agiftof-art.com

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