Locked Out by the Lock Down

Announcing an exciting series of exhibitions in the Gallery and Online

The purpose of this series of exhibitions is to remind people that during this long lockdown period the artists have not stopped working. Now the gallery is open. Visitors can enter and enjoy the works as they are displayed.

As some people may not be comfortable as yet to come inside the Gallery, the exhibitions are being filmed. Vignettes will be posted on social media daily during the week the show is in place and a video of the whole exhibition will be available for viewing.

In-Gallery and Online special art exhibitions

Tony Cooper: June 26 to July 3
Ruth Greenlaw: July 5 to July 10
Pete Smith: July 11 to July 17
Dianne Darch: July 18 to 24
Debbie Bateman: July 26 to July 31
Todd Tremeer: August 2 to August 7
Helen Van Poorten: August 9 to August 14
David B. Gillespie: August 16 to August 21
Russ Styles: August 23 to August 28

Artist bios, statements and videos
June 26 to July 3

Tony Cooper

A recipient of both Canada Council and Ontario Arts Council grants graduated from Ontario College of Arts in 1972, Tony Cooper has had solo and group shows in many galleries in Ontario and Quebec and in 2008 the Willisville Mountain Project began, culminating in a series of exhibits that travelled throughout northern Ontario.

Artist statement

I work physically on the land to both maintain a presence and to observe directly the changes and effects of the elements over time. I choose to document sites repeatedly building up a composite of viewpoints that attest to the dynamic experience of place. Nature as subject and medium is integrated with the body in the act of oil painting on site, under the constraint of time, personal endurance and the elements themselves. The paintings are an immediate and lively response to the environment.

For Exhibit installations, it is important for me to make configurations in relation to the exhibition space, as the immediate sense of surrounding space adds to the visceral visualization process that the work calls forth.

July 5 – 10

Ruth Greenlaw

Interested in gardening, Ruth focuses on drawing plants and trees. She loves the shapes and colours of the leaves and flowers. Her drawings become the bases for paintings in watercolour, pastel, and oil, as well as for etchings and monoprints. Sometimes paintings of plants and trees grow into seasonal landscapes.

Ruth studied art at Western University and several other art schools and earned an Honours BA. Human life drawing, which was a foundation of Ruth’s art studies, has become an important part of her work. She sees a relationship between human and plant growth.

Through collage, Ruth can suggest commonalities among people, animals and trees or across various stages of a plant’s life cycle.

Her art has won numerous awards in juried shows in Ontario. 

Ruth Greenlaw BA (Hons. Visual Art) PAC
Ruth Greenlaw Fine Art
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada


July 11 – 17

Pete Smith: Domesticated

Pete Smith is an artist and art writer who lives in Bowmanville, Ontario. Smith has exhibited his work extensively since completing his BFA from York University in 1998 and his MFA from the University of Guelph in 2007. He has had numerous solo exhibitions both nationally and internationally including Stein’s Law at the Visual Arts Centre of Clarington (2020), NOANOA at St. Johnsbury Academy on Jeju Island in the Republic of Korea (2018), Southern Pastoral at Mulherin Toronto (2017), Postscript at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery in Oshawa (2015), New Frontier at Kelowna Art Gallery (2015), Initial Public Offering at Station Gallery in Whitby (2013), New Drawings at Colorida Exposicoes in Lisbon, Portugal (2012) and Proverbs for Paranoids at Elissa Cristall Gallery, Vancouver (2010). His work is included in numerous private and public collections in Canada and abroad including TD Bank, The Colart Collection (Montreal), Imago Mundi (Italy), The Robert McLaughlin Gallery and The Art Gallery or Guelph. His writings on art have frequently appeared in Canadian Art and Border Crossings magazines. Smith has held teaching positions at Western University, the University of Guelph, and the University of Toronto. He is a lecturer in the Department of Drawing and Painting at OCAD University, and an instructor in the School of Media, Art and Design at Durham College. 

Artist statement

Made during the pandemic, the works collected in this exhibition think about the idea of confinement – drawing parallels between domesticated animals and plants and the containment of ourselves. Having stayed and worked from home for a year and a half now along with my whole family, the notion of time has changed quite drastically over this period – as the speed of my daily commute in and out of the city has been replaced by something slower: quiet moments of early morning light before the bustle of children and the winter sun setting in late afternoon through drawn curtains. Instants and flashes and glimpses that seem to last longer now, and occur with greater frequency. All of these silver linings are here underscored by a profound tragedy – like birds who can only fly as high as the ceiling, tapping their beaks onto the glass window of a larger world they can never experience, as the consequences of such liberation for them, like us, are sadly quite deadly. 

July 18 – 24

Dianne Darch

Dianne was born in Bowmanville and grew up on a farm in Enniskillen surrounded by nature. She turned to art as a source of relaxation from a busy hospital career. Dianne has studied extensively with pen and ink artist Claudia Nice and watercolour artist Karen Richardson to refine and bring realism to her work. Dianne’s rural heritage which inspired a love of animals and gardening is reflected in her art, from the birds and flowers in her garden to the rustic buildings and landscapes found in the area. Dianne started teaching pen and ink classes locally in 2014 and finds the experience both rewarding and fun.

July 26 – 31

Deborah Bateman

Deborah has been painting in oils for over 30 years – sometimes well and sometimes not so much! Deborah has worked closely over the years with artists that she admires – Poul Thrane (from whom she learned the love of painting outdoors and really being in the moment); Mary Lampman (who beat some solid basics into her) and Lucy Manley (who celebrates Deborah’s love of pure colour and thick paint.)

Deborah has enjoyed great support from the Mattel Corporation, who hosted a private show; from Deloitte & Touche who allowed her to work part time to pursue her passion, and from the various galleries and locations that have shown her work – Gallery on the Lake, Buckhorn; The Whitby Library, Camp Samac Oshawa, A Gift of Art Gallery Newcastle, Firehall Bistro Orono, and lastly, from the Judiciary of the Superior Court, Oshawa, who collectively have purchased 14 paintings.

Deborah’s first choice is always to paint outdoors although that is becoming more difficult “these days”; imagine painting a barn scene when you can smell fresh cut hay, or a lakeside landscape when you can hear the loons calling, always full of delight at the colours you can find in the forest …. exploring all the backroads in search of inspiration.

If you have a special location or memory that you would like to see in oils, Deborah does limited commissions.

“I hope you enjoy what you see and that something you gaze at pulls out a memory and makes you wonder … “

August 2 – 7

Todd Tremeer

Todd Tremeer is a painter, printmaker and freelance art curator. He graduated from OCAD and its Florence, Italy program. He has taught art and art history in the schools, at various colleges, university and at public galleries. Todd has exhibited across Canada, in the United States, Italy, France and China. Major Awards and grants include: Joseph Plaskett Painting Prize (2007), Best Watercolourist: Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition (2008, 2009, 2011), numerous Canada Council and Ontario Arts Council grants. His historically themed murals can be found throughout downtown Bowmanville.

I paint with oils and watercolour, make etchings and linocuts. My art oscillates between history and landscape themes. Be it painting outdoors or from miniature models, close observation of my subject is an important element in my work.

Learn more at: www.ToddTremeer.com
and follow me on Instagram: @ToddTremeerArt

August 9 – 14

Helen van Poorten

I was born in the Netherlands and immigrated to Canada with my family in the 50s. My father was an architect and my earliest memories are of me sitting next to him at his drawing table creating pictures. I developed a love of nature during my childhood camping vacations, which now take the form of RV trips throughout North America. These trips often become the subject of future paintings as well as inspiration for jewellery designs.

I have been making art for most of my adult life, beginning in oils and changing to watercolours a few years later. For many years, it was very part-time as I worked at my full time teaching career and had little time for art. After retirement, I resumed with watercolours, specializing in house portraits. In recent years, I added soft pastels to my art practice and even more recently I began painting also in acrylics and I now divide my time between them all.

I love painting local landscapes, flowers and gardens, old barns and alleyway or painting landscapes from photos taken when on holidays in our RV.

When I need a break from painting, I create a variety of jewellery in sterling silver, copper and brass, also from vintage spoons and in polymer clay.

My work can be found at the Colborne Art Gallery, Northumberland Arts Shop in Port Hope, A Gift of Art Gallery in Newcastle, Ontario, and Winker’s Nook in Warkworth, ON. I live in the beautiful village of Colborne in Ontario where I am a member of the Colborne Art Gallery.

I have memberships in the Pine Ridge Art association, South Eastern Ontario Art Association, Spirit of the Hills and Pastel Artists of Canada

Email: vanpoortenart@gmail.com

Find my work on:
Facebook –van poorten art
Instagram – vanpoortenart

August 16 – 21

David B. Gillespie

David B. Gillespie graduated with a diploma in Art Restoration and Conservation from Sir Sanford Fleming College. He went on to work at the Royal Ontario Museum as a technician in the New World Archaeology Department and as a preparator. After moving to Nova Scotia he devoted himself to working as an artist. This is where he began to craft his techniques for serigraph (silk screen) printing. His accomplishments with this medium became his favoured way of expressing a Canada he loves. David now lives in Bowmanville, Ontario.
August 23 – 28

Russell Styles

Russell Styles is chef by trade and photography artist by heart.

He’s of English heritage, has seen some of the world and is now living locally, he believes that travel broadens one’s awareness and helps us to appreciate the diversity around us.

He’s as passionate about his photographic art as he is about his mothers lemon meringue pie. His choice of subject matter is eclectic and he will search out a unique angle to convey his own perspective of things, You will often find him looking at the ground around his feet, he likes to photograph the often neglected and sometimes overlooked, he’s constantly “chasing the light” and you will rarely find him without an “image taking device” in his hand.

His photographs have been published in magazines, graced numerous book covers and showcased in Galleries in Canada and the United States. …his sisters got a couple of prints on her living room wall too.

His photographic style is varied and his passion for his art is great. He’s an easy-going, friendly personality who’s just as happy to shoot alone as he to share his views and approach with a group.

Visit Russell
Instagram is @russell_styles
Website is russell-styles.pixels.com

Photography by Russell Styles


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