Maybe 13 is an unlucky number. The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly thrown a monkey wrench into the plans of many but A Gift of Art will not be deterred. As we have done for our Kid’s Summer Art Camp, we have found a way to hold another signature event safely in 2020.

Our 13th Annual Art Show has been reinvented for the COVID era. Instead of one large indoor event, we will be hosting 9 weekend outdoor Patio Art Shows. Each event will feature 3 artists and allow for ample physical distancing. It’s a safe, fun way to enjoy the art of hard-working local artists this summer. As always you will be able to see the work, meet the artists and purchase something special to bring a little more art into your life. Instead of one fun weekend however, there will be 9 of them over the course of the summer. It’s a win all ’round!

In order to better support all our artists, including some taking part in this year’s Art Show, we have enlisted videographer James Dobos to shoot introductory videos to help you get better aquainted with the diverse community that makes up A Gift of Art. You can visit the Artists page here or visit a specific artit’s page by clicking on their name below, (only highlighted names have pages available). It will be updated regularly as more videos and bios are completed.

We will have a lot more information over the next few weeks – keep an eye on the website for details – but here is the schedule to date. All shows run 10:00 am – 4:00 pm, Saturday and Sunday, weather permitting.

July 4 & 5

Brenda Sullivan, Timothy Hellum, and Helen Firing

July 11 & 12

Ruth McCurdy,  Linda Virio, Peter Martin (July 11), and Renny deGroot-Mackinnon (July 12)

July 18 & 19

Kelly Sheard, Deb Bateman, and Megan Patterson

July 25 & 26

Sher Leetooze, Lynne Lyon, and Lions Club of Newcastle

August 1 & 2

Ainsley Brant Glover, Pierre Cliché, Cathy Drinkle, Watercolour (August 1), and Newcastle Historical Society (August 2)

August 8 & 9

Alicia Moore, Virginia Moore, Sher Leetooze, and Historical Society of Newcastle

August 15 & 16

Russell Styles, Bronwyn GauleyHelen Firing (August 15), and Emily Buckley (August 16)

August 22 & 23

Shawn Hamilton (Clix Photography), and Jane Leung (Lizard Designs)

August 29 & 30

Susan McGregor, Linda Virio, Peter Martin (August 29), Sher Leetooze (August 30), and Newcastle Historical Society (TBC – August 30)

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