SPECIAL GREETINGS ARE DUE FOR THIS TIME OF YEAR whether Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Season’s Greetings or even “My, it’s cold outside”. Here we offer you the warmest of greetings, filled with gratitude for your continued support and excitement for all the possibilities ahead.

2021 is coming to a close. At the gallery we have made it through another 12 months of COVID with all its restrictions. There were many weeks when we were simply closed and spent the time planning for the hoped for reopening. For some of us it has been a difficult and possibly a sad year; for others there is a sense of accomplishment in having found the way to get together, even have children play in summer camp. Our Zoom classes have been quite a success and continue to grow. Now the new “in person classes” are done so carefully that we feel we are treading in a completely new territory.

But through all of this there have been so many blessings. We have garnered new friends, developed new and precious relationships with our teachers and students and with you. What a joy it always is to see the new creations and skills that the artists are sharing whether in the gallery shop or in the classroom. What a delight when a visitor comes in the door and eyes the incredible wealth that is on display from these very local creators.

Our wish to you is a safe and happy end to this year and for 2022 “Good Health”, that most precious of gifts. Be kind to yourself, care for others, learn something new and creative and above all have a very Merry Christmas and Holiday Season.

Ann-marie Harley,
A Gift of Art’s President
On behalf of the Board of Directors and Melinda Oke, Office Manager; Deborah Babcock, Program Manager; Rob Cavanagh, Hootsuite expert; Rob Wilkes, Web Master; our part timers (drop in and meet them), our summer students, don’t forget all our talented teachers and where would we be without all the extraordinary volunteers?

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