Canada Day July 1, 2021

July is the month that truly starts summer. But July 2021 is different, for example school did not just finish. School as we knew it finished some time ago and is now a daily schedule on the laptop.

Canada Day celebrations are being cancelled throughout the province NOT because of the onslaught of COVID but because of horrific news that will be a bitter part of our heritage for a long time to come.

National Chief of the Assembly of Frist Nations. Perry Bellegarde asked for support for the First Nations as they continue the search for their little ones who lie in unmarked graves and that everyone help to honour and commemorate them.

July is the beginning of this season. Lets have it the beginning of more than just hot days in the sun. At a Gift of Art we can offer art exhibits that will get you thinking, summer camp for kids that will get them away from their computers for a change and even adult classes in watercolour. Most importantly it will give us all a chance to think of these nameless little ones. We can decide to learn from the errors and racialism of the past and do better, much, much better as the future opens before us.

Thank you,

Ann-marie Harley,
A Gift of Art’s President

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