The long awaited news is real. Camp is happening. Due to the restrictions being placed on the opening we will only have 5 children in each room, with one counsellor and one helper in attendance. There will be far fewer spaces for children in summer camp this year.

The protocols levied by the government for camp are strict. You can read them in their entirety below or we will be happy to email you a list. We are ready and are enthusiastically ready to comply with all the requirements.

2020 Summer Camp – Covid 19 Health and Safety Protocols

Physical Space:

Five Campers to each counsellor and helper (siblings will be kept together)

• Each group of 5 will be in a separate room

1) The front studio, entered through the double doors,
2) The back studio entered through the west garden gate.
3) The upstairs exhibition room entered through the front door.

• Each room has its own refrigerator
• The two rooms down stairs have their own sink.
• The upstairs room will share the main bathroom and washing station. It will be very heavily supervised so that there will be no contact with the other groups.
• Each child will have their own 2 x 4 table
• Each camper will be assigned a seat for the week, their art works will be kept in a large paper bag hung on the table at the end of their seating space. A sanitized plastic bin will be under the table for backpack storage.
• Food will be placed in the refrigerator if necessary.

Physical Distancing:

• Greetings will be done with a wave instead of a handshake
• Individuals will stay 6 feet apart from each other
• In the event that a staff member needs to breach the 6- foot requirement, (i.e., for First Aid treatment on a child), proper handwashing will be required and the staff member and camper will need to be wearing masks. Additionally, the staff member will also have gloves on.
• Visitors and parents are not permitted inside the camp premises this year

Outbreak Prevention:

• Screening processes will be documented daily. Temperatures, who was screened, which staff was in charge of screening and all personnel who have been on the premises on that day. This is to ensure that in the event of an outbreak, every individual may be contacted and advised to self-isolate
• Staff members, parents/guardians and children must NOT attend the program if they are sick, even if symptoms are mild and similar to a cold.
• Increased daily cleaning regimes and sanitation of high touch surfaces like doorknobs, light switches, & washrooms. A disinfectant that has a Drug Identification Number (DIN) and a virucidal claim, or a 1000-ppm bleach/water solution will be utilized.
• Staff will be required to wear the appropriate PPE for the duration of the cleaning process
• Hand sanitizer dispensers will be stationed throughout the premises
• Staff will be reminding campers to avoid touching their face, and encouraging proper hand washing, as well as advising to cover coughs and sneezes.
• Prior to other campers entering a previously used space, the area will be cleaned.
• Appropriate signage will be posted to ensure the following is emphasized:

– Correct drop off/pick up locations
– Reminders for social distancing
– Appropriate hand-washing techniques
– Cover your cough
– Cleaning & Sanitizing Flowcharts
– No sharing of food/drinks or sunscreen will be permitted by campers

• Hand washing is ultimate and the children will be taught how to wash their hands properly.
• Counsellors will be wearing masks and gloves and plexiglass shields
• Children will bring their own food and lunches. Only water will be supplied this year.
• Instead of the weekly splash pad outing, each group will have an equivalent splash event in the back yard.
• There will be no use of either the park swings etc. nor the library unless the province permits it.
• If a child becomes ill, they will be segregated immediately to our special area and the parents will be contacted to come and pick up the child right away.
• Games will be non-contact and social distanced.


Children will be met at their specific entrance. Their temperatures will be taken with non-contact thermometers.

Upon arrival at camp, all staff and campers will have temperatures checked, questions about any symptoms of sickness, even if it is similar to a mild cold or whether they have been in contact with anyone who has:

• recently travelled (international or inter-provincial) in the last 14 days
• Parents will also be questioned about health
• Tested positive for COVID-19 or been in contact with someone who has those symptoms or a flu/cold-like illness
• There will be a designated pick up and drop off location to avoid too much traffic in and out of the building. Parents/guardians and children will be advised to line up 6 feet apart for drop off and pick up to avoid any possible transmission and adhere to physical distancing requirements.
• Active communication to the families of screening requirements, expectations and program procedures involving maintaining the overall safety and well-being of all participants on site.


• All symptoms of illness for campers and staff will be recorded with the date, information of the individual with the illness, location, symptoms and treatment following the declaration of illness.
• In the event of a camper getting ill, they shall be isolated from other campers until their parents/guardians can pick them up. One staff member will be designated to supervise the camper until pick up.
• If the child requires close contact/care, the designated staff member MUST be wearing a mask, washing their hands before fitting the mask to their face and after.
• All items touched by the child must be disinfected. Any items that cannot be disinfected, (paper products like books or puzzles), must be removed from the area and sealed in an airtight container for at least 10 days.
• If a staff member becomes ill, they must immediately remove themselves from the vicinity of others and alert their supervisor that they are going home due to illness.


Tables/chairs will be washed first with soap and water and finally with a bleach solution as recommended by the public health. This will happen once during the day and at the end of the day. All surfaces in the room will be treated similarly at the end of the day.

Special for this year: Each camper will be provided with their own ‘tools’ for use during the week: crayons, pencil crayons, palette, paint bush, scissors and glue. At the end of their time at camp, they will take their ‘tools’ home with them.

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