We are always looking for volunteers to contribute to A Gift of Arts success.

Send us a message or drop-in if you are interested in volunteering with us. You can call or email us if you’re interested! Our contact information can be found at agiftof-art.com/contact/

* Police check is required for working with children, and CPR and basic first aid is an asset.

Jobs would include:

  • Gardening
  • Art Library
  • Supply Maintenance
  • General Housekeeping
  • Event Planning
  • Building Maintenance
  • Helping out at events
  • Kid camps

Thank you to our volunteers at A Gift of Art who help A Gift of Art achieve it’s mission of supporting local artists and the love of art. Kid’s camps, our retail store, general maintenance, event planning and so much more, could not be possible without their help.

Our volunteers in no particular order:

Amanda Buchan
Bea Quitilen

Beatriz Quitilen
Evelyn Delin
Vashni Russell

Ethan Stycuk
Nolan Yeo

Yiyi Zhou
Cordelia Adams

Hans Collmorgen
Absalom Quitilen
Brian Mountford

Cordel Stultiens
Crystal Chin
Debbie Waker

Dianne Darch
Ray Moran
John Goslinga

Lauren Dickson
Linda Virio
Lise Boisvert

Denny VandenHeuvel
MacKenzie Fitzpatrick
Sandra Sheehan

Stew Babcock
Sue Rob
Joanne Piels

Barbara Brown
Helen Van Poorten
Yvonne Thomas

Patti Bowman Kingsley
Ron Stuart
Dan Goselin

Noel Boisvert

It might look like a lot but we can always use more!


Photos of our volunteers: