The Birdbath

Gather ’round the blog as I tell you a tale … the tale of The Birdbath.


The Birdbath started its long, harrowing journey days ago when it departed A Gift of Art.  It was carried ever so delicately out of the gallery by caring, loving hands … and then it was shoved by those same hands into the back of a car.  Ann drove her new treasure back home where it would grace her garden with its beauty.

Unfortunately, things did not go quite to plan.

Ann, normally sure-footed, was tripped as she carried her birdbath into the garden.  Her prize came tumbling to the earth, slamming against a nearby rock!  Thankfully the damage was minor, due in no small part to the expert crafting of Harry Thompson, the artist who had created the piece.   Harry, an amazing artist and craftsman, was called to try and remedy this horrible accident.

He was successful, of course, and now The Birdbath stands in Ann’s garden as a testament to Harry’s handiwork and creativity.


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