Summer Camp 2017 , Week One

Summer is in full swing here at A Gift of Art!  The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the children are running around the garden like crazy, making amazing crafts and having an awesome time.

Week One of Summer Art Camp (Imaginarium) is going well so far, if I do say so myself.  The children seem to be having a blast making imaginative little crafts and paintings in our big studio as well as playing in our back garden.  Today our coordinator took the kids and the councillors across the road to the public library to have fun in the library itself as well as play in the park outside.

I have not yet seen the crafts and paintings made by the children, but I’m sure that they’re great!  We have so many dedicated volunteers helping the children make their crafts this summer, and when you pair dedicated, enthuseastic people with the imaginations of young children, anything is possible!

We are all looking forward to next week as well!  Summer Art Camp, Week Two is Infinity and Beyond.  It’s going to feature space and exploring the unknown.  If there’s one thing I love, it’s space and science-fiction!  The kids are going to go on a week-long inter-galactic space mission to create all sorts of crafts inspired by outer space.  It’s going to be an absolute … blast! (Sorry, I had to)

If you’re interested in our Summer Art Camp for your child, please contact the gallery at (905) 987-2264 as soon as possible to register your child.  We require registration to be completed a minimum of 7 days before the start of the camp, so if you think your child would like Week Two: Infinity and Beyond, please register by Friday, July 7th at the latest.


Find out more about our Summer Art Camps by coming into the gallery or by visiting the link below.

~ Matthew

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