Naming the Holiday Skeleton – Help us Out!

One of the first things I noticed when I began consulting at A Gift of Art was the Skeleton.  I didn’t ask at first (because I figured, hey, they’re artists.  Artists are a bit crazy, right?).  After a few days I finally asked the Co-Manager of A Gift of Art, Emily Buckley, why there was a skeleton hanging from a hook in our back studio.  She told me that the skeleton started out as part of our Halloween Haunted Garden.

Normal enough so far, right?

The story continued, of course.  A few years ago A Gift of Art held the Halloween Haunted Garden again … only to be assaulted by the nasty force we like to call “rain”.  Emily and the volunteers packed up the entire garden and hurriedly moved everything inside, away from the attack from above.  After several busy minutes of moving furniture around and positioning the actors and props, A Gift of Art no longer had a Haunted Garden.  Instead, they had turned it into a Haunted Gallery! (Scarier, in my opinion.)

Among the props moved inside from the Haunted Garden was The Skeleton.
Skeleton Face
The story made sense, but I had one last question for Emily:  Why the heck was he wearing a hat filled with candy canes and flowers?

Emily explained that he had been used for the Haunted Gallery … and then they had forgotten to take him down, leaving him in the gallery until it was the holiday season!  Emily decided to do what any sensible person (or slightly crazy artist) would do: she put a Christmas hat atop the Skeleton’s head and announced that he was now a holiday skeleton!

I felt that the Skeleton, since he has such a great personality, needs to have a name, but I don’t feel right naming him myself.

This is where you come in!  Over on our Twitter account (@NewcastleArt) we have set up a poll! So go over there and help us give our friendly Holiday Skeleton a name!

~ Matthew

EDIT June 5th:
The Name of our Holiday Skeleton is now officially Hector! Welcome to the team, Hector!

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