Musical Floorboards – One of Many Games

Several days ago I underwent my musical “A Gift of Art Initiation”.

To quote Emily, our Co-Manager and Children’s Program Coordinator: “Everyone has to learn how to play Musical Floorboards!”

Apparently all people working here at A Gift of Art must participate in an honourable rite of passage regardless of their rank, their age or the fact that they’re “just a consultant”. (like me!)

When she heard that I had never participated in the game Emily was astounded.

“What do you mean, you’ve never played Musical Floorboards?  Come on!”

I was then pulled away from my computer to be inducted into the A Gift of Art Family.  I was to play the game and join the venerated ranks of A Gift of Art employees and consultants.

A Gift of Art resides within a building built long ago, rebuilt and added to over the years.  Just like all older buildings, the floors in A Gift of Art are slightly warped and wooden, giving them distinct personality.  Another thing that the floorboards in A Gift of Art have going for them is that they can play music in the form of small squeaks and groaning (it’s very pretty).

The rules of Musical Floorboards are simple:

STEP ONE:   Find a floorboard that sings.  It can sing in a groan, squeak, squeal or otherwise.  Any sound is sufficient.

STEP TWO:   Distribute your weight on the floorboard in a manner that will create the largest noise from said floorboard.

STEP THREE:   Rise onto your toes and bring your heels down upon the boards.  Bouncing up and down on the board is encouraged.

STEP FOUR:   Enjoy the music created by your feet and the floorboards!


Emily was kind enough to demonstrate Musical Floorboards, much to my amusement.  Upon hearing the song created by Emily’s floorboard, Crystal came to investigate.

“Oh, you’re playing Musical Floorboards?” she asked, as though this is a normal, common occurrence.

“Yes!  Matthew has never played it before!” Emily replied as she endeavoured to increase the sound coming from beneath her feet.

Moments later Crystal, Emily and I were creating a harmony of squeaking and groaning floors that mixed together to make a cacophony of floor-music.  As a result, we were creating art, right there with the floors.


Musical Floorboards.

Just another “normal” day at A Gift of Art.


Come and join us any time!

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