Monday Meeting (On a Wednesday) May 17th

Today at A Gift of Art we had our weekly Monday meeting.

On a Wednesday, because we’re spontaneous.

Everyone arrived on time, ready to discuss the current and upcoming affairs of our lovely, little gallery.

Well, when I say that we all arrived on time I actually mean that we all arrived incredibly early.

Several of the attendees of our meeting showed up promptly at 10:00am … thirty minutes before the meeting was apparently supposed to take place!

We were all incredibly confused when we saw the empty room until Stewart arrived (at around 10:15) and announced (rather proudly) that he was early!

It was right then that we suddenly realized that the time of the meeting had been pushed to 10:30 … but no-one had written it down or remembered!

Despite the strange start to a normal meeting, we managed to get a lot of discussion, joking and planning finished.  Thanks to all of our committee members for their input and time, hopefully we’ll see everyone for the Monday meeting again next week.  On Monday this time.  Maybe.

At least the Wednesday Monday Meeting went well!

Check out the events we discussed here:



~ Matthew

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