The Living Stories Project is a joint creative venture between seniors and youth!

Phase one: Seniors will write their memoirs over the course of an 8 week period. Completed June 2018

Phase two: Currently in the works- Students will turn the written memoirs into a drama or improv, CD or video production, or written publication.



Living Stories Project Weekly Overview


Week one:

  • What is the Living Stories Project?
    It is a fully funded program by the Government of Canada which means it is completely FREE for anyone to participate!
  • The difference between a memoir and an autobiography.
  • Discussed guidelines to the Project, gave out handouts (59 memoirs ideas).
  • Gave assignment for Week 2: Write about a memory from your time at school!


Week two:


Week three:

  • Started off by reading newest memoirs.
  • Video: How to evoke memories.
  • Handout: How to evoke memories.
  • Exercise: Draw a floor plan of the house from your childhood.
  • Write a short memoir about something you remember from your childhood home.
  • Assignment for Week 4: Write a memoir about one of the homes you have lived in.


Week four:


Week five:


Upload your Memoirs!