Like Clockwork

My day at A Gift of Art started out interestingly enough.  One of the visitors to our gallery took a long look around and discovered some fine, hand-made clocks by artist Ron Stuart.  Upon further inspection, she also discovered that many of our clocks were no longer working!

Apparently clocks require charged batteries … who knew?


“Well, we can’t have clocks that don’t work, can we?”

After asking this question I suddenly found myself sitting across from A Gift of Art’s Co-Manager and Children’s Art Program Coordinator Emily Buckley with clocks covering our workspace.  There were batteries, clock faces and wooden frames all over the place!  I was told not to worry, of course; Emily is a talented jeweller and is more than qualified to do these sorts of things.

Thankfully, through sheer will and determination, Emily was able to fix all of the clocks and getting them working rather quickly, banishing any doubts that may have entered my mind.

Perhaps you should come down to A Gift of Art and look over Ron Stuart’s lovely artwork!  I’m sure you’ll have a great … time!



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