Summer camp for kid’s takes place in the big studio at A Gift of Art and involves lots of crafting. There is also some playtime in A Gift of Art’s backyard, as well as trips to the library and splash pad. It will start up again in the beginning of July 2018.


Camps are for kids aged *4-12.

* Only 4 year olds who have completed JK can be accepted.


Week: Member $150, Non-member $185
1-day: Member $60, Non-member $75

Please specify which weeks/days your child will be attending camp in the comments section during checkout!

Member Cost (1 Week) – $150 (Use your Code at Checkout)

Non-Member Cost (1 Week) – $185

Member Cost (Daily) – $60 (Use your Code at Checkout)

Non-Member Cost (Daily) – $75

*Sibling rebate available upon attending the camp (Please Inquire on Location)


Please print out this registration form and bring it in on the first day of camp.
You can also scan it and send it to our email,

Kids Camp Registration Form


Summer 2018 Themes

Week 1: Aloha It’s Summer! (July 3-6)
*this is a four-day camp, same prices apply*
Lei back and relax as the kids enjoy the island extravaganza! Children will make Hawaiian island sculptures, create clay sand dollars, design their own miniature surfboards, and much more. It’s island time!

Week 2: City of Dreams (July 9 -13)
Calling all superstars! This week we will paint the Hollywood hills, design shoebox theatres, make our own walk of fame stars, and more. Celebrate the city where streets are paved with gold and dreams come true!

Week 3: Deep Blue Sea (July 16-20)
We are making a splash this week with all kinds of under the sea crafts! We will be making paintings of the deep blue, coral reef creations, miniature sea creature sculptures, and so much more. Join us in the deep blue!

Week 4: Wacky Wonderland (July 23-27)
This week is for goofballs, mad hatters, and curious creators alike! We will make personality islands, teapot sculptures, pocket watch collages, and much more. Where will your trains of thought take you?

Week 5: Desert Oasis (July 30 – Aug 3)
What wondrous crafts we have in store for this week! We will make magic lamp

watercolours, miniature magic carpets, golden scarabs, oasis sculptures, and much more. Let’s illuminate the possibilities!

Week 6: Spellcasters and Potion Masters (Aug 7-10)
*this is a four-day camp, same prices apply*
There’s some sorcery happening here this week! We will be making our very own wands, potion paintings, spell books, and much more. Let’s put the ‘craft’ in witchcraft!

Week 7: Minion Mayhem (Aug 13-17)
Do you have an inner mischievous minion? Join us this week as we make painted rock minions, secret lair shoeboxes, villainous gadgets, goggles, and much more. Don’t miss the fun!

Week 8: Rainforests of Rio (Aug 20-24)
It’s a jungle out there this week with crafts inspired by the Amazon! We will be making macaw creatures, jungle collages, carnival masks, clothespin lizards, and more. See you in Rio!

Week 9: Adventureland (Aug 27-31)
Looking for adventure? It’s not out
there, but right here! We will be making crafts inspired by imaginary, distant lands! From crazy clay creatures to miniature flying machine sculptures to fun adventure books, let’s see what crafting we can get up to!


Some of the crafts from summer camp:


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