Summer camp for kid’s takes place in the big studio at A Gift of Art and involves lots of crafting. There is also some playtime in A Gift of Art’s backyard, as well as trips to the library and splash pad. It will start up again in the beginning of July 2018.

Week: Member $150, Non-member $185
1-day: Member $60, Non-member $75

Please specify which weeks/days your child will be attending camp in the comments section during checkout!

Member Cost (1 Week) – $150 (Use your Code at Checkout)

Non-Member Cost (1 Week) – $185

Member Cost (Daily) – $60 (Use your Code at Checkout)

Non-Member Cost (Daily) – $75

*Sibling rebate available upon attending the camp (Please Inquire on Location)


Please print out this registration form and bring it in on the first day of camp.
You can also scan it and send it to our email,

Kids Camp Registration Form



Summer 2017’s Themes:

Week 1: Imaginarium! (July 3-7)
Summer is here so let’s get our creativity going! This week is all about turning your dreams into fun exciting crafts! What would you include on your imagination island? Whether you want to be a singer, a soccer player, a star, or anything in between, we have art activities that you will enjoy!

Week 2: Infinity and Beyond (July 10 -14)
This week we are going on an intergalactic space mission to create all kinds of crafts inspired by outer space. Let’s see what is out there as we make alien sculptures, spaceships, and paintings of futuristic worlds! Be your own space ranger!

Week 3: Wind and Sea (July 17-21)
Brave the open waters this week as we make crafts inspired by the islands of Hawaii! We will make sailing rafts, ocean collages, sea creature sculptures and so much more! So join the adventure and find your inner Demigod, hero, or courageous island princess!

Week 4: Castles and Creatures (July 24-28)
Looking for adventure? From crafts inspired by an inventor’s workshop, to enchanted castles, and the creatures that live there, this week is packed with excitement! We will create clay gargoyles and other magnificent beasts, paint fairytale forest scenes, and so much more!

Week 5: The Mighty Jungle (July 31-Aug 4)
This week we are off on a creative safari! Let’s explore hot African savannahs and deep jungles and the creatures that live there through art! Join us as we make clay lions, Mt. Kilimanjaro paintings, and animal masks!

Week 6: Lost Worlds (Aug 8-11)
*this is a four-day camp, same prices apply*
Have you ever wondered about the lost underwater city of Atlantis? What about the age of dinosaurs? Every day this week will feature crafts inspired by a different ‘lost world’! We will make clay pterodactyls, create ancient ruin sculptures, and much more!

Week 7: Icy Blast (Aug 14-18)
We will be making some cool crafts this week, all inspired by ice ages and frozen spells! From wholly mammoth crafts, to ice palace paintings, to clay penguins, and everything in between, this week is bound to be an icy blast!

Week 8: TV Favourites (Aug 21-25)
Has your favourite TV show ever given you a great idea for an art project? Let’s get crafting these ideas through sculpting, painting, drawing, and more! Whether you like shows about heroic pets or science experiments, we have some fun crafts planned. Join in the creativity and let us know what your TV favourites are!


Some of the crafts from summer camp:


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