Guess What This Is #1-5

I love looking at objects close up; they look like whole other worlds don’t they? These photos are inspired by a magazine I used to get as a kid that would do something similar. I think it was called ‘Big Backyard’. The designs and atmosphere of seeing an object up so close is just so nifty, and a camera can take a photo of it even better than the naked eye can see it. Well it does if I can hold the camera steady enough and can get it to focus…

I’m just using a camera we having lying around here at the gallery – a Leica D-Lux 3 – to take these photos.


GuessWhatThisIs #1 was fused glass by Debbie Dell.

It’s actually part of a knob.

We actually have some of her work on handles to the big studio here at A Gift of Art, maybe you’ve noticed them when you’ve come for a class? If not, check them out next time!


The rest didn’t get posted here but on twitter and facebook… So here they come in a clump, haha.

GuessWhatThisIs #2 was pottery by Brenda Sullivan. I love this piece myself. It’s very whimsical isn’t it.

Brenda has a fair number of things in our gallery, but this is my favourite.


A walking cane by Llyod Wagg. This is a really interesting piece isn’t it? It’s so animated and a tad… freaky perhaps? The face is so animated and there is an octopus on his head! I nicknamed the close-up “freaky popcorn” but it’s actually his teeth. It looks like he might struggle to eat popcorn. I wonder what he does eat. Maybe that octopus. Maybe he was wondering where his food went but it’s hiding on his head. The love the uniqueness of his face, it feels like a tree spirit or something.

Lloyd has a few other interesting canes here too!


Purple resin art by Debbie Dell – who usually works in glass but dabbles in a lot of stuff. This piece actually sold in between the time I took the photo and the time I posted the full photo/answer (on Facebook and Twitter). Doesn’t the close-up look like a cool monster you might find hiding under your bed?

I love the way the pieces feel like they are exploding out of the frame.


What could this be a part of?

Absolutely useless hint: It’s part of one my favourite items we have here.

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