A Gift of Art Newsletter

September, 2017

Are you going to the Orono Fair? If you have never had the chance to attend the fair it is really worth visiting. There is something for everyone from tractor pulls, demolition derbies, chickens, calves, horses, school children’s exhibits, ducks, rabbits and of course a side show with lots of rides for the big and small. There is great food to be found as well as the usual candy floss, fudge and ice cream treats.


A Gift of Art will have a booth in the Arena with a good display of the types of art you can find in the gallery. There will also be a lot of information you can pick up and if you choose you can register for a class on the spot. Most importantly the Drama section will be presenting a short, 10 minute play, at 1:00 pm on the Arena Stage on Saturday called “Cinderella and the Bust a Move Royal Ball”.


It will take place just before The Jungle Cat World Show. We hope you can come and watch and see what fun the Drama group has. Perhaps that will entice you to join them. (Our Drama group will run for about 8 weeks starting September 20th, and we are looking for participants of all ages! More info on our website: giftof-art.com/classes.)


A new season is starting. People of all ages are returning to their various classrooms with hopes for an exciting time of learning. At the gallery we have some really interesting new teachers offering a wonderful assortment of classes for both adults and children.


It is a pleasure to welcome Ian Bodnaryk, Janice Brown, Kelly McLeod, Emmi Schmidt, Holly Woods, Iby Moran and Shawn Hamilton to the teaching roster. On the website may be found links to their web pages or in some cases videos of them teaching a class.


Tony Johnson, Andrea Wallis, Linda Virio, Dianne Darch, Pauline Stephenson, Albert Mueller, Hans Collmorgen, Rebecca Tomasi, Emily Buckley and Adam Wilkinson are all returning and will all be here to encourage you to learn in their classes.


Saturday, September 16th is your opportunity to meet all these teachers at an “open” house at the gallery from 10:00 am til 2:00 pm. This is your chance to ask questions, talk about the class you are interested in and decide if you would like to register. There will be refreshments. We look forward to seeing you.


Sandra Sheehan and James Dobos, two of our volunteers, have worked very hard to find interesting speakers for this fall and winter Speaker’s Series. It starts with Pharmacist Joseph Koo from our local Shoppers Drug Store. The series will then run the gamut from elder fraud with a local police officer, to a travel consultant, as well as a representative from Heart and Stroke and a very special event just before Christmas. This year the series will be held Wednesday mornings from 10:30am to 11:30am. Doors will open at 10:00am. You will be welcomed with a cup of tea or coffee or if you would prefer juice and of course some nibbles.


Check out the schedule for the Speaker’s Series so far on our website: agiftof-art.com/events.


Old colour of studio. You’ll have to come in to see the new colour!

When you have time drop by and see the change to the big studio. Another summer of camp with lots of boisterous children had managed to leave many traces on the walls and floors. Thankfully the summer students have pitched in and have remedied the situation. The colour has changed, the floor has improved, shelves have been emptied and another season begins. It looks great. Thanks to Cordelia, Kailey, Vashni, Emily and Ethan for all their hard work!


Drop by and visit the new work on display. See you at the Orono Fair!


Look forward to seeing you soon!
A Gift of Art