A Gift of Art Newsletter

November, 2017

A year ago we sent out a newsletter full of the exciting news that although we’ve been here since 2011, we were buying the building at 187 King Avenue East. We are pleased to say that purchase has led to a wonderful year with many changes and of course a lot of work and adjustments. In the little apartment we salvaged from its decrepit past, is ensconced a lovely lady from the Philippines, Evelyn Delin. She is retired but has a small part time job.


We have the dance company here each Monday evening, and of course our two groups of quilters during the day on Monday and Tuesday. Pictured on the right is the quilting teacher Andrea Wallis dressed up for Halloween! Our classes are doing well and we are just starting on the second sessions for the fall.


Things are of course still tight, but we have managed to add a very handsome wheelchair ramp, courtesy of the Government of Canada and thanks to Bert Reid. Additional storage has been found in the most unusual places, over stairs and behind doors. Storage always seems to be in short supply.


This past Saturday November 11, Remembrance Day was observed in Newcastle at the Cenotaph. It was wonderful to see such a large crowd of people with children, young parents as well as veterans and seniors making up the numbers. A special idea they implemented here is that of putting your poppy on one of the white crosses beside the Cenotaph. It is a thoughtful idea and really emphasizes the importance of the poppy and the day.


A new addition to our staff, Katie has settled in well. Unfortunately we were unable to keep Matthew Gilmour on a full time basis and are hoping to afford him now and again. Crystal Chin still volunteers Tuesday to Thursday and on weekends MacKenzie Fitzpatrick takes care of Saturdays, while Emily Buckley looks after Sundays and teaches Kid’s Art Club on Saturday mornings. When needed she is replaced by Vashni Russell who has been with us throughout the summer as an assistant in the Summer

Camps. Bea(Bay ah) has taken over PA days Camps as Emily is now finishing 4th year of her BSW and is stretched to the limit. We will have a PA Day art camp this upcoming November 24th!


Most exciting is the Christmas Show, Sunday December 3, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Santa will be here for photos with your family or your family’s best friend, your dog or cat. Don’t worry Santa has lots of experience with pets. Some really terrific vendors are joining our own artists for that day. Here is a partial list: Helen Firing, knitted goods; Lynne Lyon, repurposed jars, etc.; Kristie McManus, reclaimed wood; Dianne Darch, quilted goods and pen and ink items; Ginny Moore, sketches (mainly animals) and paintings; Didi Lemay, childrens’ books; Joanne Benham, lovely capes, placemats etc .; Sher Leetooze, crochet items and history books; Susan Rigby, decorative items; Suzanne Pacey, paintings: The Golf Book for golfers and permanent golf tees for stocking stuffers.


The event planning committee has grown and continues to take on many tasks. Particularly at the moment we have the free Speaker’s Series underway. Sandra Sheehan with the assistance of James Dobos have organized speakers for Wednesday mornings from November 8th right through until the middle of April. Carefully selected speakers who will be of interest to retired people and to others, have agreed to talk to the group and take questions.


The Series started with Joseph Koo, Pharmacist, and owner of the local Shoppers Drug Store. He talked specifically about diabetes. Showing slides, he elaborated on symptoms and warning signs, medication availability and how life can be improved and the diabetes controlled with diet and exercise. It was exceedingly interesting and very informative. For example, did you know that pricking your little finger at the tip is the most

painful place to do it? It is better to do it a little further down the finger and then squeeze from the bottom up to get the sample. It is less painful and of course you should change fingers often as the skin will toughen in the well used area, making the whole exercise more uncomfortable.


This Wednesday November 15th, we have a representative from Big Brothers and Sisters. Why will this be of interest to retired people? Have you ever considered the impact that this organization has on the younger people in the community? And not just the younger people but also their families. It will be good to learn
about the assistance provided by this group and how it betters the chances for young people. Find out more information by clicking here.


You can see the full schedule for the Speaker’s Series by clicking here. *Subject to change.


The big studio is available for small parties of up to 40 people, should you wish to rent it. ($45.00 for each 4 hour period). See more info by clicking here.


We have the farmer’s market starting again sometime in January. The actual date will be available soon. And don’t forget, the Santa Claus parade is this Sunday, November 19th.


Look forward to seeing you soon!
A Gift of Art