A Gift of Art Newsletter

January, 2018

Hello A Gift of Art subscribers,

Are you keeping warm or have you lost a toe or two already? Hopefully you are staying healthy and aren’t getting sick!

We have a new addition to our staff. Come in and welcome Britain, who is getting all settled and cozy here. She will be working at the front in the gallery! Although, at the moment as you see in the photo, she is being put to work cleaning all our cupboards of art supplies. But, apparently she loves to clean, so it’s a harmonious combination!

Have you heard of paint nights? We offer them too here at A Gift of Art for groups of people. If you’re looking for something fun to do with your friends you can sign-up for an evening of painting~
See more info at: agiftof-art.com/paint-night/
In the future we are hoping to offer drop-in paint nights too, so keep your eyes open for that!

Our classes have started, including ballroom dancing! Look at how cute they are. You can still join too if you want! You can see more info at agiftof-art.com/camps-and-classes. Watch the short video on youtube: youtu.be/R1FZacvcMOY. The teacher is Bob Kerby, who in the screenshots is the one getting all fancy with his movement.


Are you following us on social media? You can follow us there for updates, and the most up-to-date info! Also, every week we post a close-up of an item in the gallery and let you try to guess what it is. Can you figure out what the object in this photo could be a part of? The answer will be posted on Thursday~

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Our Speaker’s Series began again on January 17th after the holiday break, with Angie Darlison from the Bowmanville Older Adult Association. They seem to be having a crazy lot of fun over there!

On January 24th we’ll have Lynne Lyon, a professor at Durham College speaking about internet safety. I’m sure for a lot of people this can be a rather opaque topic and you might not know where to start to learn about it, so come on in! Anyone is welcome to our talks and they are free!

You can see the full schedule on the website at agiftof-art.com/events

We still have hyper-realist acrylic painter Ian Bodnaryk’s work in our upstairs gallery if you want to come in and see his work! He also teaches a class that has been pushed back to start January 25th, so you can still join if you want! See it online and sign-up at: agiftof-art.com/classes. You can also always come in and sign-up in the gallery if signing up online isn’t your thing!

There will be a Felting Workshop with Helen Firing on January 28th! Learn how to make cute little animals and little decor items. See more here: agiftof-art.com/workshops

Note that our photography classes have moved to March. There is actually snow this year and our photography teacher, who is among many things, a ski instructor, has become rather busy. Apologies for the change. See new dates here: agiftof-art.com/classes/#photography_info

Stay warm, keep arting and we look forward to seeing you soon!

A Gift of Art