F.A.Q. (Frequently asked questions)

Q. What programs and classes are there for children?
A. During the school year, we have one-day craft camps on PA days 9am-4pm, art and craft weeks over the holiday breaks, and a Saturday Art Club. See agiftof-art.com/camps-and-classes/. We have a weekly art camp the summer. You can also enroll children for only 1 day or a few days for the week long camps.
Whether or not a child can enroll in an adult art class depends on the child.

Q. Is there a framing place nearby?
A. We recommend going to Intown Gallery in Bowmanville.

Q. Can I display my art in A Gift of Art?
A. Please call ahead and make an appointment with the owner to see if you’re a fit for our gallery. You must live locally – within a 55 km (35 miles) radius of our store.

Q. Where should I buy art supplies?
A. The closest place is Curry’s in Whitby. We do not carry any art supplies for sale here at A Gift of Art.

Q. What happens when I buy a membership online?
A. We will snail mail you an invoice and the membership card,

Q. What happens when I buy a class online?
A. We will enroll you in the class and snail mail you the invoice.

If you have any more questions, please see our contact page.