Acrylic Painting – Daytime

Acrylic Painting with Stephen Snider

Starts March 21, 2019 2:30-5pm

6 week session. Every Thursday afternoon.

Ask for supply list.

Members $155


Non-members $185





Watercolour (Day Time) Greg Maude


A watercolourist for the past thirty years, Greg has refined his style of watercolour to the point that his muted shades of colour begin to blend together, forming interesting negative and positive shapes.

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Registration Form

After paying, please print and submit the completed form by email or drop off at the gallery.


Starts March 6th – April 10th  2019 


New students accepted after March 6.





Members cost: $155


Non-Members cost: $185



Watercolour  (evening class) Stephen Snider

Taught by Stephen Snider who has been a freelance illustrator for 36 years. He has produced for private and corporate clients portraits, landscapes and cityscapes. He has been teaching for 15 years.

Create a beautiful work of art for your self. Previous drawing or sketching experience not needed for this class.

To see Stephen’s work check out his website

Registration Form – After paying, please print and submit the completed form by email or drop it off at the gallery.


Starts March 21, 2019

Thursdays 6-8:30pm. 6 week session.

Ask for supply list.


 Members cost: $155


Non-Members cost: $185





“Poseidon” by Ian Bodnaryk

Acrylic Painting

You will explore the versatile and fascinating world of acrylics with hyper-realist painter Ian Bodnaryk. Experiment with techniques and principles working primarily from your own photographs.

☆ Check out his website:

Registration Form – After paying, please print and submit the completed form by email or drop it off at the gallery.

Starts: Friday March 1st 2019

Starts: Friday April 5th 2019

Time: 6:00-9:00 pm


Members cost: $155

Non-Members cost: $185

Note from the teacher:
Working alongside hyper-realist painter Ian Bodnaryk, you will explore the versatile and exciting world of acrylics. Experiment with painting techniques and principles, including basic colour and composition theory, working primarily from your own photographs and other simple source imagery. *Some materials required.Your instructor has requested that you email him at with a jpeg of the image you would like to paint prior to the first class so that he can help you determine if it will be attainable in the time given or not. A simple subject such as fruit, flower, toy, leaf, rock, etc. caught in dramatic way would be ideal. This image could either be an original photo or one taken from creative commons on flickr: Pre-approval of your image(s) will allow you to begin painting during the first class. If you have difficulty generating ideas, he would also be happy to discuss this with you.*Due to time constraints, portraits, full landscape scenes, and/or wildlife are not realistic expectations for this course.
For your first class, please bring:· your pre-approved image/photo (simple still life or landscape element)· at least 1 stretched canvas to start: Artist grade (Fred’s Pick or Premium) – size 5”x7” to 11”x14”· a table-top easel if you have one· brushes Ian recommends: Tuscany Gold (Curry’s Brand or generic equivalent) or Windsor & Newton Cotman watercolour # 0 round, 2 round, 5 round, generic taklon round (white bristle)· Ian will supply the basic acrylic paint colours required to help you get started for the first class. Ian will provide you with a suggested materials list at the first class, once he’s had a chance to discuss the options with you. These can be purchased at your local art supply story.
Please Note: · This class is not considered a drawing class. all preparatory drawing should be done at home. Graphite transfer paper or the grid methods are acceptable options for image transfer.


Quilting Club

Create Quilts with your fellow Quilters!

☆ Check out her profile on Linked In: Andrea’s profile

Please contact Andrea Wallis for price and to sign-up:
Monday’s and Tuesday’s running from 10am – 2pm.

Starts: September 10th 2018 On going



Stained Glass Note: this is now a WORKSHOP

Join Hans Collmorgen as he teaches you about the fine craft of creating stained glass. This an ideal workshop as a refresher or as an introduction.

Registration Form – After paying, please print and submit the completed form by email or drop it off at the gallery

Starts: TBA

Materials cost: $25 (to be paid to the instructor on the first day)

Members cost: $50.00



Non-Members cost: $85.00



Drama Club 12 yrs and over

See a video of an improv play the drama group did at the Orono Fair on youtube here.

Drama club geared towards ages 12+, instructed by wacky and wonderful Adam Wilkinson.

☆ You can check out Adam’s bio at the bottom of this page: Adam’s bio

Registration Form – print and submit the completed form by email or drop off at the gallery

Mondays, 6:30-8:30

Winter Session begin December 10th, ends in March after the production

Cot is $50.00 must have a membership at the Gallery

See membership info at:





Book Club

Join us at A Gift of Art for a book club. We will be using the book bags that are made for this purpose from the Clarington Public Library, so you don’t need to worry about buying or bringing anything!

Meets Wednesdays 1:30pm – 2:30pm about once a month.

Starts: September 26th 2018 but you can join any time!

First class will be a discussion about something you read this summer. First book will be handed out that day.

Please contact A Gift of Art to sign-up at
(This is a free Book Club)

Book list schedule:

November 6th from 5:30 – 7:30 pm  is the date of the new Book Club launch,  25 new titles are being added.

Jennifer Robson author of the Somewhere in France will be on hand.

So would you all like to go to the event? It is at the Courtice Branch of the Clarington Library..

Meanwhile  Here are our dates and the books we have chosen.


To be picked up

October 24   My sister Rose by Justine Larbalestier

November  21   The Widow  by Fiona Barton

December 12  The Wonder by Emma Donoghue


January 23  The Lake House by Kate Morton

February 20   The Nest by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney

March 27  Bluebird, Bluebird  by Attica Locke

April TBA

May 22  Where the Light Falls by Allison Pataki, Owen Pataki

I was unable to have any of the other titles we had suggested to cover April, however it was suggested that we might like to choose one at the launch in November.

*Date listed is the date the book is handed out, and will be under discussion at the following meeting.


Graphic Novel 

Instructor Mike Goldstein

  A fun interactive & exploratory workshop in which the students will learn the professional techniques of drawing  and creating their own graphic novel.

Registration Form – After paying, please print and fill out this form to be submitted on the first day of this class

Starts Saturday January 19th – February 23rd 2019 
1:00 – 3:00pm






Photography Instructor Tim Hellum

Photography Class – beginner (see below for class description)

Starts Sunday January 13th – February 3rd 2019  1:00-3:00pm

Members $70

Non-Member $95


                Have you ever wondered what all the dials and menus mean and do on your new DSLR? Ever wanted to know how to compose images better?

                This class is for those who have picked up and used their DSLR but are still new to creating images and are looking to improve. No real prerequisites other than enthusiasm, a DSLR or prosumer camera and spending four Sunday mornings in a row talking about and working with photography. The class will comprise formal and informal approaches and a single class taken as a field trip.




                Why do we take photos?

                Does your camera type really matter? Talk about lenses, filters, iPhone camera, etc

                                What does the SLR in DSLR really mean? Camera mechanics.

                Looking at the world





                Horizontal and square formats (2:3 and 6×6 imaging)

                ASSIGNMENT (eMail photo to me)

                Optional: find images in Magazines/newsprint that show what was learned.



                Assignment review

                Details, textures

                Get close, get low, get high

                Photographing people (ethics, making them feel at ease, etc)

                Photographing buildings

                Photographing inside vs outside


                ASSIGNMENT (eMail photo to me)



                Field trip. Local Conservation area or similar, weather depending.

                (eMail day’s photo to me)





                Next Steps (photo storage, retrieval/search, cloud)

                History of photography?



* No refunds or returns on any workshops or classes.
* For info about membership go to
* The closest art store to buy supplies at is Curry’s in Whitby.
* The minimum age for a younger person to enroll in our adult classes depends on the person