#10 #10 was a gorgeous glass fish by Geoffrey Crozier. #11 #11 was a little old gourd lady in her winter wear, by Margaret DeVries. #12 #12 was a stained glass piece, including some stone as part of the image, by Hans Collmorgen. Hans also teaches the Stained Glass class here at A Gift of […]

#6 #6 was glass earrings by Debbie Dell.   #7 #7 was a carved fish by Bob Moore.   #8 #8 was a pottery vase by Lela Filipovski.   #9 #9 was a wooden bird carving by Bob Moore.   #10 #10 is ~?

We have so much lovely art in the gallery and I’m always taking photos of them, so here are some pieces as desktop backgrounds for your computer. They have a monthly calendar based on the dates in 2018. Size: 1366 x 768 pixels To Download: Right click the “Download” link and click “Save As” to […]

I love looking at objects close up; they look like whole other worlds don’t they? These photos are inspired by a magazine I used to get as a kid that would do something similar. I think it was called ‘Big Backyard’. The designs and atmosphere of seeing an object up so close is just so […]

A cake on the roof… Sounds crazy, no? But here, in our little town of Newcastle, you might say … no, yeah it’s still pretty crazy, but it looks good! Over the past few days you may have seen a strange sight at A Gift of Art … a giant cake sitting atop our roof. […]