Some of the artists we have here within our consortium at A Gift of Art.

Alisha Walsh is a self taught portraitist, mainly in oil paints and pencil sketching. She began painting at 15 and is now enrolled at Wilfrid Laurier University on an Academic Scholarship for International Development.

Lianne is deeply moved by the natural environment and includes many found material into her work. She focuses on creative recycling and how each piece can bring inspired beauty from what was once considered trash. She is known as the recycling queen for her innovative and imaginative art.

Emily focuses her work around literature, jewelry and textiles but remains willing to explore the many media that offer expressive potential. She recently finished a Visual and Creative Arts Diploma from Fleming College where she tried her hand at everything from glass blowing to ceramic to blacksmithing. Emily is an up and coming artist with work having been displayed locally at the Orono Fair, A Gift of Art, Fleming College Haliburton School of the Arts and Rail’s End Gallery. She is a poet as well as a playwright and has had two of her plays produced locally. She has returned to university and is currently in her third year in a BSW program.

Shawn has been a professional equestrian photographer for over thirty years with countless magazine and catalogue covers. For the past fifteen years she has been travelling all over the world reporting on horse back riding vacations for articles. Shawn has decided to release some of her favourite images as limited editions on canvas and metal and is now embarking into the world of encaustic paintings which she will reveal in the latter part of 2017.

Began in the advertising business for 40 years, initially as a writer and eventually Associate Creative Director at a large Canadian advertising agency. I went into business by myself in 1986 as a writer/graphic designer. I also produced two community publications in Guildwood and West Hill communities in Scarborough. I was semi-retired in 1990 as i began writing children books. Right now I am working on a full length novel.

I have been creating art for most of my life. My earliest memories are of sitting next to my architect father at his drawing table.
After a career as an elementary school teacher, my retirement offered me the opportunity to work on my art more or less full-time.

Linda Virio is a visual artist, inspired by her own backyard in the country. Birds, flowers, forests, country fields and farms all find their way into Linda’s work. Linda paints with encaustic wax, watercolour and watercolour batik in a style ranging from impressionistic, to naïve and abstract.

I have been wood working since 1985. Creating my own designs, replicating antiques and fine furniture. Family and friends have benefited from my custom wood working projects. I started in the art of wood turning in 2000. I work primarily with burled, spalted and curly maples found in Ontario. My tea lights, lamps, bowls, plates, cutting boards and lazy susan are “one-of-a-kind”.

I was born with a powerful, innate reverence for Nature’s children & their habitats. Time has only deepened my passionate resolve to protect & save the precious wildlife, wild horses & natural spaces we’re blessed to share this planet with. As a self-taught Wildlife-Equine Artist, I’ve created & continue to develop new drawings & paintings within my range of unique Mini-Series titles under my wildlife campaign, “SAVE MY HABITAT…SAVE ME” & my wild equine campaign, “GUARD WELL THE WILD ONES”. I strive to capture each individual species’ unique presence & special relationship with Nature’s beautiful & varied niches & I support the urgent need to protect & sustain each one.

Isabelle resides with her husband, two cats and several chickens in the countryside. As a self-taught artist, she draws much inspiration from the beautiful gardens she has created there and from her love of nature. Always conscious of the environment and recycling, her furniture pieces take on a second life that range from the sere to the whimsical. She has worked in all media but prefers painting in acrylic. She creates beauty on canvas, furniture, jewellery, home accessories and walls. She adds beauty to her gardens with her garden art, with sculpture and whimsy. Her wok is show and sold in Toronto and in numbers stores and galleries in Ontario. Isabelle’s professional background includes twenty years as a freelance prop person and background artist for commercial photography in Toronto. In 2000, she decided to retire from this work in order to devote more of her time to creating personal works of art from her home studio.

Hector is a skeleton, dealing mainly in hanging from our ceiling and dressing in some really smart hats. He began skeleton-ing years ago and is enjoying his new position at A Gift of Art. Hector enjoys Summer Camp, milk (for the calcium) and holidays (of course).