A Gift of Art hosts children’s birthday parties providing lots of options and art teachers.

Birthday Party Package

The prices are planned out for a 2 hour party with 10 children. Please inquire for fees about more/less children or a longer duration.
For a specific art class, the date and time will need to be coordinated with the respective art teacher so please be aware that not all art classes will be available at any time.
You can contact us at gallery@agiftof-art.com or 905-987-2264 for more information.


You can download the form here for a party with 10 children:
Birthday Party Form for 10 children
You can download the form here for a party with more than 10 children:
Birthday Party Form 11-20
It can be emailed to gallery@agiftof-art.com


Options and Fees for a Party with 10 Children

Basic Options (* = required)

*$45 – room rental
*$10 – clean up fee
$10/hr. – assistant (some parties really need an assistant to set up, help the teacher, and to serve food and beverages)
$15 – decor (tablecloths, paper plates, napkins, cups, streamers)
$15 – snacks (pop or lemonade or milk or juice and chips or crackers or popcorn)
$25 – cake
$100.00 Damage deposit if it is a room rental only.

Adding Food Options

$30 – pizza
$20 – hotdogs
$15 – sandwiches
$5 – more snacks (snacks in basic options is then required; pick two of each)

Adding Decor

$15 – balloons
$5 – basic party hats
$15 – themed party hats
$25 – fascinator party hats
$20 – basic lootbags
$30 – themed lootbags
$10 – themed decor (decor in basic options is then required)

Adding Entertainment (check only one)

$75 – clown
$75 – balloon animals
$70 – fascinators
$50 – jewellery (basic)
$70 – jewellery (beads, charms & more complex see photos)
$70 – jean purses
$80 – painting
$100 – portraits
$100 – pottery
$100 – chocolate
$60 – dinosaurs
$60 – super hero masks
$70 – seasonal decoration (eg a Christmas tree decoration, decorating bird houses, painting flower pots, scarecrow puppets, etc)


Details on Classes

Chocolate with Lynn McNutt

Birthday child and guests start out painting molds with coloured chocolate. They proceed to fill the molds with melted milk chocolate. After the cooling process, during which the children can work on other additions, the chocolate creations are assembled on a shiny platter using chocolate to hold the pieces together. Each child will leave with a completed chocolate house!

Fascinators with Emily Buckley

In this craft, the children get to design, assemble and decorate an assortment of hair accessories. There are top hat fascinators, hair bands and hair barrettes from which to choose. The children are encouraged to start with their favourite and work towards making one of each. Rules of hot glue are addressed and a cold cloth is always handy just in case. As the gluing stations will be shared, some kids will be designing and preparing pieces while others are gluing.

Jean Purses with Emily Buckley or Crystal Baird

The children work in partners starting out to create braids which will be the handles for the purses. The assistant/parent(s) cut lengths of string for the making of these braids. Meanwhile three children start out assembling their purses. Rules of hot glue are addressed and a cold cloth is always handy just in case. When a station is clear another person can start. As the purses and braids are completed, fabric paints/markers will be brought out so the children can personalize their creations. The odd boy has endured this craft at a sister’s birthday party but came away with a ‘gameboy case’ or ‘guitar pick case’ as opposed to a purse.

Jewellery with Emily Buckley

Birthday child and guests get to make two different kinds of bracelets – a simple charm bracelet and a beaded bangle. The children choose and set aside their charms at the beginning of the craft. The charm bracelets are assembled with help one at a time. Meanwhile everyone is working on jewellery designs. Once those bracelets are assembled and the designs are done, the children use the patterns to string beads on the wire bangles. The group can work on these at the same time. The completed bracelets are brought to the instructor to finish the edge.

Painting with Emily Buckley or Crystal Baird

Painting is a great craft for a boys & girls party! There are options in regards to medium – for watercolour children have a finished piece on watercolour paper and for acrylic children have a finished piece on an 8 X 10 canvas. The craft generally starts with colour wheels then moves into painting techniques following by practice and a final piece. Subjects can be geared towards the birthday child’s interests such as rainbows, treasure/jewels, animals, insects, flowers, etc. Throughout the craft the assistant/parent(s) help the teacher pass around water buckets, brushes, more paint, etc.

Pottery with Brenda Sullivan

Birthday child and guests get to create a clay creation! This could be a triangle based pot, or even a clay critter depending on what was discussed/organized with the potter. The children get to experiment with stamps, rollers and other found objects that make designs in the clay. Children leave with their assembled clay piece and after a day or two of drying at home they can be painted.

Arrangements can be made, depending on the potter’s schedule, to have the pieces bisque fired or to use air dry clay as opposed to stoneware – an additional charge may apply to these options. Fired pieces can be picked up usually within a couple weeks after the party. Air dry creations can be painted at the party but are not as strong as stoneware.

Clown with Brenda Sullivan

Have a visit from Brenda the clown! She will start out doing some face painting for the birthday child and the guests and proceed with a clown act complete with playful stories and magic tricks! This is always nice entertainment for the younger ones and great for both boys and girls.